2014 Honda Pilot Car Seats

2014 Honda Pilot Car Seats

2016-2018 Honda Pilot. From 2003-2015 the Pilot was only available as an 8-seater (3 seats in the 2nd row, 3 seats in the 3rd row). For 2016 the Honda Pilot is now available as a 7-seater as well (2 seats in the 2nd row, 3 seats in the 3rd row), or the usual 8-seater.
Test drivers say the 2014 Honda Pilot's cabin is highly functional, with easy-to-use controls and spacious seating. However, critics dislike that the Pilot is .
Coverking Custom Fit Front 50/50 Bucket Seat Cover for Select Honda Pilot Models. FH GROUPFB052115 Full Set Multifunctional Flat Cloth Car Seat Covers, .

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