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A large number of local institutions, directly or indirectly, contribute to the development of the small and micro enterprises. The success of the programme, hence, rests on its ability to establish alliances with a diverse range of local institutions and industries so as to positively influence the implementation of the programme.

Recognizing that the social milieu, in which the technologies are employed, is an important factor to be considered for both development and dissemination, COSMILE has worked ceaselessly to address relevant social issues.

CoSMiLE has worked in areas as diverse as developing SHGs (self help groups), bringing owners and workers onto a common discussion platform, providing inputs on health and safety for workers, working with industry associations for strengthening them, etc.

A large number of participants at various levels (national, regional, and cluster) are involved in numerous initiatives and projects on small and micro enterprises. The effectiveness of ongoing interventions can be greatly enhanced through knowledge sharing. Hence, the programme is developing physical or virtual platforms at different levels for exchanging information and experience among various participants, including manufacturers of thermal gasifiers. Multi-stakeholder dialoguing platforms will be created on various issues such as technology, policy, and social sensitivity.

Successful implementation of the various initiatives depends to a large extent on the capacity and role of partner organizations/individuals. Hence, capacity building of partners and providing technical back-up or support to them will be one of the major activities under the programme. Most of the capacity building activities are built around sharing of knowledge and experiences amongst CoSMiLE partners. These learning activities are carried out with a collaborative spirit.

There have been numerous partners in the CoSMiLE programme in the area of Human and Institutional Developmen.

Social action IMSE (Institute for Motivating Self Employment ) Vikas Sansthan Sadhana

PEPUS (Paryavaran Evam Prodyogiki Utthan Samiti),


Industry Associations Indian Foundry Association

(Federration of Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry)

  INP (Int Nirmata Parishad), Varanasi
AIBTMF (All India Bricks and Tiles Manufacturers’ Federation)