The pot furnace is a glass melting furnace. It is used by nearly 100 glass units in the Firozabad glass industry cluster to make molten glass for manufacturing bangles and other products such as beads and decorative items.

TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute) with the support of SDC (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation) has designed, demonstrated and promoted an energy-efficient model of the gas-fired pot furnace in Firozabad. The TERI-designed furnace has a system called ‘recuperator’ which recovers waste heat from flue gases and thereby reduces fuel (gas) consumption. Hence, the TERI-designed pot furnace is called ‘recuperative pot furnace’.

This manual provides detailed information on how to construct and operate a recuperative pot furnace along with all its auxiliary systems. The pot furnace discussed in this manual can hold from 7 to 12 pots. The capacity of the furnace may vary from 4– 6.72 tpd (tonnes per day).

    Manual for Construction, Operation and Troubleshooting