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Capacity Building in Power Gasifiers
Power Sector

Decentralized power gasifier installed in the remote villages helps in providing electricity to villages, which do not have access to grid. This helps in enhancing the quality of life as it improves the education of children, provides employment opportunities, and developes rural industries.

Training of field operators on producer gas engine operation

For the success of the system under field conditions, it is important to train local operators for its installation, operation, and regular maintenance. Accordingly, during October 2003 , GV (Gram Vikas) field staff was given hands-on training on gasifier system operation and maintenance by TERI. Other field operators were trained during the system commissioning at village Kanheiput in May 2004.

TERI has also provided training to operators from different villages—Deodhara in Orissa, Jamera in Chhatisgarh and Bhaogarh in Rajasthan—which helped to develop the capacity of local operators for managing the system in the field and taking care of trouble-shooting needs.

Recently in June 2006, TERI gave one week training to technician from gasifier manufacturer from Sri Lanka, with whom TERI has signed MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) for technology transfer.

Presently, TERI is preparing various training modules for capacity building at various stages like operators, manufacturers for system installation, operation, trouble shooting, etc.