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Technology Dissemination in Power Gasifiers
Power Sector

Gasifier-based power system (village Kanheiput, India)
Under the LIBERA (Livelihood Improvement through Biomass Energy in Rural Areas) project, sponsored by the SDC (Swiss agency for Development and Cooperation), TERI has installed a 12-kVA gasifier-based power plant at Kanheiput village in Ganjam district of Orissa in collaboration with a local NGO, Gram Vikas.

This gasifier-based system is being operated on wood charcoal. A pedal-operated blower is being used as starting option for the gasifier so as to have freedom from any external energy source. The power obtained from the gasifier-based plant is being used to meet the lighting demand for the village, as well as to pump water to an overhead tank for drinking water supply. Soon the power would be supplied to local commercial applications such as rice/flour mills and irrigation pumps, to help enhance food security.

Mobile gasifier based dual fuel power generation unit at village in Haryana

Recently TERI has installed the prototype pilot systems of 10 kWe capacity for OREDA (Orissa Renewable Energy Development Agency) at village Deodhara in Komna Block, Nuapara district , Orissa, for NTPC (National Thermal Power Corporation) at village Jamera, Korba in Chhatisgarh, and village Bhaogarh, Anta district, Rajasthan. Few more pilot demonstrations are under planning and implementation stages.