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Experiences reveal that energy and environment technologies need to be embedded in the social and economic milieu for widespread adoption. The technologies in vogue in the small scale sector are usually inefficient, but often require only small changes to transform them into proper designs for saving enegy. The pollution that the small scale industries causes has placed them them in the environmentalist's and even judiciary's line of fire. However, market ready off-the-shelf solutions have been hard to come by.

The judicial intervention in Agra banned the use of coke and coal and instructed the small-scale sector to use natural gas instead. Among others the sectors most influenced was the glass sector. The CoSMiLE interventions in these sectors helped develop NG (natural gas) fired furnaces for the glass making industry. On the other hand, CoSMiLE also developed an energy efficient DBC (divided-blast cupola) for gray iron melting in foundries. Along with the cupola, CoSMiLE also developed a venturi scrubber based on pollution control system. Energy efficient design for brick baking furnace or the kiln was also develop for the brick industry, which was once considered notorious for causing pollution in the rural areas.

CoSMiLE’s interventions have touched the lives of micro enterprises as well, partly in the glass making sector but more so in rural industries like silk reeling, cardamom drying, etc. CoSMiLE has developed a number of designs of energy-efficient biomass gasifiers for various thermal applications. These biomass gasifiers used in tandem with producer gas engines and generators have also been used effectively for distributed power generation.

The technologies developed under the umbrella of the CoSMiLE initiative are listed below:

Application/ Sector Fuel used Technology
Foundry Coke 1) Divided blast cupola
2) Pollution control system for cupola
Glass Natural gas 3) Natural gas-fired pot furnace
4) Natural gas-fired muffle furnace
Silk Biomass (fire-wood) 5) Gasifier-based silk reeling oven
6) Gasifier-based silk yarn dying unit
Brick Coal 7) VSBK (Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln)
Puffed-rice Biomass and rubber tyres 8) Stove with heat recovery unit
Large Cardamom processing Biomass (fire-wood) 9) Gasifier- based cardamom dryer
Village electrification Charcoal 10) Power gasifier (10kW)

One of the important aspects of technology development has been pooling of competencies. CoSMiLE, with its focus on energy efficient and cleaner technologies, has worked with a number of domestic and international partners for specific industry/sector based applications.

Role Foundry Glass Biomass Brick
Technology/ process know-how

Castings Development Center, UK for foundry technology;

ABB (Asea Brown Bovari)
for Pollution Control System

British Glass

Kvaerner Power Gas for TERI–gasifier subsystems;

IIT, Bombay– Industrial Design Center for re-engineering and design improvements

Henan Academy of Sciences, China (VSBK technology)
Construction/ manufacturing/ commissioning support/ Technology demonstration Local partners

Chapman Brack for furnace construction;

AIC/Nuway for burner design;

TECO for commissioning

Industries (Mumbai), Urjex Boilers (Meerut), Silk Tex (Bangalore)

Development Alternatives;
Gram Vikas, Orissa;
Comtrust Ltd, Kerala;
Damle Clay Structurals,Maharashtra;
Industrial and Technical Consultancy Ltd, Maharashtra

Project planning and execution TERI TERI TERI Development Alternatives
Backstopping, System integration Sorane SA, Switzerland Sorane SA, Switzerland Sorane SA, Switzerland SKAT, Switzerland;
Sorane SA, Switzerland