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Technology dissemination among the small and micro enterprises presents its own set of challenges. CoSMiLE recognized that cleaner and energy-efficient technologies necessarily have to be economically attractive to be adopted by the small and micro enterprises. Much before that, the technological applications, however, should be able to deliver the right quality of products to be considered as successful. The CoSMiLE network worked not only to develop the design with its partners but also established the technological and economic feasibility of these technologies.

Regional level workshops/seminars and one-to-one interaction with the target group were found to be effective means of sensitizing the entrepreneurs about the technologies. Workshops, interaction meets, and seminars have been organized with the objective of information dissemination and outreach. Promotional materials such as brochures and visuals were developed to support the dissemination activities.

Most CoSMiLE technologies have a simple payback period of less than two years. Product quality has been good and rate of rejection has gone down in most cases. Though the upfront investment has been on the higher side, the life of the equipment and the payback period generally provides adequate economic justification for taking up the implementation.

The following table captures the economic attractiveness, replication status, and the cumulative reduction in environmental impact of various CoSMiLE technologies:

Application Technology Upfront Investment
Simple Payback Period (years) Replication units status (December 2005) CO2 emission reduction
(tonnes) (upto Dec 2004)
Foundry Divided blast cupola,
Pollution control system for cupola
750 000

15 00 000

2 17 cupolas installed

2 installed

10 900
Glass Natural gas-fired pot furnace,
Natural gas-fired muffle furnace
250 000

20 000


2 (months)

10 installed + 1 under installation

75 installed

21 575
Brick VSBK (Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln) 600 000 2 By all partners:about 50 units; directly by TERI: 5 units 14 704
Puffed-rice Stove with heat recovery unit 2 000 2 (months) NA  
Silk Gasifier-based silk reeling oven,
Gasifier-based silk yarn dying unit
1 00 000

1 00 000



38 installed

27 installed

69 994
Large Cardamom processing Gasifier- based cardamom dryer 1 00 000 1 162 in Sikkim + several more in Nagaland, Bhutan and Nepal
Village electrification Power gasifier (10kW) 5 00 000 …. 1 installed