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The goal of CoSMiLE is to improve the economic, environmental, and social conditions of entrepreneurs and workers of small and micro enterprises. CoSMiLE will focus on increased adoption of resource-efficient technologies and knowledge-sharing to enhance competitiveness of the targeted small and micro enterprises. It aims at the holistic development of the enterprises through techno-social integration, in a manner that the developed technologies benefit the workforce through improved working conditions and providing better quality of life. CoSMiLE is a dynamic and informal grouping of actors consisting of owners and workers of small and micro enterprises, service providers like masons, contractors, fabricators, and local experts, and stakeholder institutions like industry associations, government departments, NGOs, financing institutions, and academic and research institutions. The common factor binding the network members is learning orientation. It is an open network and would always look for forward-looking enterprises and experts desirous of learning and sharing knowledge.

COSMiLE Services
Identifying cleaner technologies and providing technical support for implementation of economically attractive, energy efficient, and environment-friendly technologies
Mainstreaming technologies through capacity building and establishment of delivery chains
Facilitating formation and strengthening of collectives within the informal sectors for enhanced
livelihood opportunities
Facilitating innovative TSI (techno-social integration) processes that would benefit/empower the
w orkers and their families
Establishing knowledge sharing networks among communities of entrepreneurs, workers, service providers, and support institutions
Providing platform for policy dialoguing through workshops, training programmes, and seminars
Facilitating inclusion of cleaner production initiatives in the global climate protection framework
Extending support to local initiatives (seminars, workshops, etc.) and providing platforms that would strengthen the CoSMiLE network
Documentation and outreach activities for awareness generation and cross-learning

Support to small and micro enterprises
CoSMiLE provides direct support to enterprises for the adoption of the following technologies.
DBC (divided blast cupola) for grey iron melting in foundries
Pollution control systems for foundries
Setting up of VSBK (vertical shaft brick kilns) especially for disadvantaged/women groups in the sector
Energy efficient pot furnaces for glass melting
Natural gas-based muffle furnaces for bangle baking
Improved versions for puffed rice making
Biomass gasifiers for a wide variety of thermal applications
New and promising technologies in other energy intensive small and micro enterprises

The services include technical support in design, construction, fabrication, operation, and troubleshooting for adoption of cleaner technologies in small and micro enterprises.