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Capacity Building in Brick Sector
Brick Sector

Brick unloading at Varanasi VSBK
BPVS meeting in Eastern UP

Incorporating social issues that lead to techno-social integration
Eastern UP has a large concentration of firemen community. These firemen migrate to thousands of brick kilns in the north and east India. TERI along with its NGO partners, PEPUS (Paryavaran Evam Prodyogiki Utthan Samiti) at Allahabad and Lokmitra at Rae Bareli, have initiated dialogue with the firemen community since 2001. The project also conducted a number of 'comprehension and sensitization workshops' to sensitize and enhance the capacity of various partners involved in the project. This helped in understanding the social issues relevant for the firemen community.

On-site (at the kiln where they work) and off-site (at their villages) dialoguing with firemen and master firemen were conducted to make assessment of their conditions. The project also entailed interacting with the families of the firemen (particularly, women). These interactions have led to formation of sangathans or groups called BPVS (Bhatta Parivar Vikas Samities) at village level as well as block level in Allahabad and Rae Bareily districts. Upto 2005, BPVS has been formed in more than 120 villages in these two districts. With the women of firemen families playing an important role in its formation and operation, these sangathans are actively involved in evolving a common agreement (Iqrarnama) between the firemen, master firemen, and BTK entrepreneurs on various issues such as wages and other essential facilities.

TERI is promoting VSBK as a livelihood option among the firemen community. Two VSBKs at Akhirajpur and Pure Kalandhar have been set up with members from the firemen community. The project has provided technical and financial assistance for setting up and operation of the VSBKs. With the technical performance established through these two VSBKs, the project is making assessment of the financial viability and evolving strategies for adoption of the VSBK among the firemen community in east UP.

In Thogur (Tamil Nadu), TERI provides technical assistance to women SHGs (self help groups) for setting up of a VSBK. It is providing continuous support for adoption of the unit by the SHGs.

Capacity building among brick kiln entrepreneurs
Training programmes in BTK operation

Brick unloading at Varanasi VSBK
Technical dialogue in progress at site

TERI conducted training programmes and seminars for various stakeholders of the brick industry aimed at awareness generation and skills upgradation. These included the following.
Training programme on improved firing process focusing on the BTK owners and supervisors during March 2001.
Training programmes for the PSCST (Punjab State Council for Science & Technology) and ESPS- Nepal (Energy Sector Program Support-Nepal) professionals, in Bhatinda in Punjab in energy auditing of brick kilns during March 2003.

Establishing testing laboratory at INP (Int Nirmata Parishad) facility
TERI provided technical and financial assistance to INP- Varanasi along with SIDBI (Small Industries Development Bank of India) for setting up a testing laboratory for testing of fuel and soil used in brick making. It is one of the first such efforts by a local industry association in the country. The laboratory is being used by several brick manufacturers in eastern UP. TERI helped INP in preparation of a business plan for expanding the facilities. For example, a compressive strength testing machine was procured by the lab for testing of fired bricks.