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Technology Development in Brick Sector
Brick Sector

Brick unloading at Varanasi VSBK
VSBK technology demonstration by TERI

TERI was working with a number of partners in the VSBK (vertical shaft brick kiln) technology demonstration. The partner network comprised of Development Alternatives, Comtrust Ltd, Gram Vikas, MITCON (Maharashtra Industrial and Technical Consultancy Ltd), Damle Clay Structurals Pvt. Ltd, and TERI. VSBK of Chinese origin was identified as on option for efficient brick production.

The first demonstration unit was set up at Datia (Madya Pradesh) by Development Alternatives during 1996. Other demonstration units were set up at differnet region in Kankia (Orissa), Palakkad (Kerala), and Pune (Maharashtra), between 1997 and 2000. An energy savings of 20% to 40% and a significant reduction in pollution (stack emissions and work place environment) were achieved, as compared with conventional brick firing technologies such as BTKs (bull’s trench kilns) and clamps. The stack emissions (suspended particulate matter) measured in VSBKs ranged between 100-250 mg/Nm3 as compared to the stringent emission standards of 750 mg/Nm3. During the technology demonstration phase, the project mainly focused on optimising/standardizing shaft size and height, unloading mechanism, chimney, and damper systems for optimising the performance of VSBK.

TERI’s major role during technology development phase was making assessment of the VSBK technology under Indian conditions and formulating recommendations for improving its performance (energy and environment).