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Technology Dissemination in Brick Sector
Brick Sector

Brick unloading at Varanasi VSBK
Bricks unloaded from the kiln

VSBK dissemination
The technology dissemination activity in brick sector involves dissemination of VSBK (vertical shaft brick kiln) to promote sustainable livelihood options among small brick makers, including firemen community and women groups, since techno-social integration is the core of the project intervention. The VSBK dissemination activity focuses on two distinct areas.

East Uttar Pradesh
TERI started participating in VSBK dissemination activities from 2002 onwards. It associated with the INP (Int Nirmata Parishad), Varanasi, the local brick industry association in east UP in VSBK demonstration and dissemination apart from other activities like capacity building in the BTK (bull’s trench kilns) operation like training programs and awareness seminars. The project demonstrated VSBK at Varanasi with active support from the INP during 2002. Although the project demonstrated energy performance of VSBK-Varanasi, there were problems related to quality of the fired brick quality. Though the project solved the problems associated to a great extent by 2003, a majority of the moving chimney BTKs, which were anticipated to switch over to VSBK, adopted a fixed-chimney system and, thus, the scope for replicating the technology was reduced.

South India

Brick unloading at Varanasi VSBK
South India

With active involvement from brick kiln entrepreneurs in Karnataka, the project provided technical support in establishing three VSBKs in Malur and Kolar brick clusters during 2004. The project also trained the local masons and contractors in the VSBK construction. It also provided solutions for enhancing green brick drying as well as inputs to the local brick industry on BOP (best operating practices) in conventional downdraught kilns.

The project provided technical assistance to the women SHGs (self help groups) in Thogur (Tamil Nadu) in VSBK adoption. The initiative was supported by STED (Science Technology Entrepreneurship Development) program, Thanjavur. The DRDA (District Rural Development Agency) provided grants and the State Bank of India provided loan (investments and working capital) for the project.

Best Operating Practices in BTKs
TERI is involved jointly with local brick industry associations (e.g. Int Nirmata Parishad, Varanasi) for creating awareness and providing training on BOP in BTKs. During the project intervention period, it also addressed other issues related to the brick industry. For example, when use of moving chimney was banned in brick production by the MoEF (Ministry of Environment and Forests) during 1996, TERI was actively involved in creating awareness on various energy and environmental issues in brick industry and providing a platform between brick industry, technology suppliers, and other stakeholders. The actions included
Assisting the PSCST (Punjab State Council for Science and Technology) towards organizing an international conference on ‘Emerging trends in brick industry’ at Chandigarh during December 2001. The conference was attended by over 250 brick-kiln owners from India and sector experts from India, Germany, and England.
Conducting a regional seminar on 'Pollution control and energy conservation in brick industry' during February 2000 along with INP. It mainly addressed the issue of adoption of fixed chimney designs in BTKs in place of moving chimneys and pollution control system (gravity settling chamber). The seminar also brought together various stakeholders like brick kiln entrepreneurs, brick industry associations, pollution control boards, technology providers, and financial institutions to a common platform