Cars Like Honda Civic Type R

Cars Like Honda Civic Type R

There's some, sure, but there's also some in the Focus RS and the STI; I consider the Type R roughly similar to those cars from a handling perspective, though .
Don't interpret the one-point spread in this comparison test to mean that the Focus RS and the Civic Type R are similar. They're not. These two cars arrive at .
2018 Car and Driver's 10Best Cars. Car and Driver has named Civic Type R a 10Best Car saying, “It is quite possibly the highest performing and most satisfying .
The Civic Family. 2019 Civic Coupe. Sporty. Sophisticated. Civic. 2018 Civic Si Coupe. Two-Door Adrenaline Tap. $24,100. 2019 Civic Sedan. More fun inside and out. $19,450. 2018 Civic Si Sedan. Accelerated Smarts. Absurd Fun. 2018 Civic Hatchback. The Hatch Is Back. $20,150. 2018 Civic Type R. A Heart-Racing Heritage..

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