Honda Accord 3 Car Seats

Honda Accord 3 Car Seats

The good news is that there is no seat belt overlap – so 3-across will still be possible (so long as you pick narrow car seats) but you'll have to use rear-facing .
Honda's best-selling Accord mid-size sedan got a redesign for 2018. Caregivers with kids in car seats will appreciate the update.. 2018 Honda Accord: Car Seat Check. By Jennifer Geiger. October 3, 2017. Share .
However, there are rare times when we are left with the opposite car. Right now, the girls are never in the Accord but we keep carseats in there .
We are a 2 Honda Civics family here. Currently we have 2 kids so it works out great but we want another child soon. Don't want a van and .
Anonymous wrote: Are you considering a new car? I don't mean to spend your money, but. 3 kids in an Accord is tight. 3 kids in car seats pretty .

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