Honda Accord Water Leak Under Car

Honda Accord Water Leak Under Car

Hello, I've noticed a couple of times now on days when I have been using the air conditioning there will be small puddles of water under my car .
I find that water drips from underneath my 04 EX-L the way it would drip if I.. when people say 'hey Kev, something is leaking from your car.
I leave it on auto after testing it on my 2,2 diesel – no noticeable. air-con my 04 accord did the same and I took it to my local Honda garage last year.. . Ive noticed water leaking from my drivers (right hand side) exhaust pipe, .
Honda Accord Water Leak Due to Plugged AC Drain – 57 reports.. had to replace both of the fans due to my car kept getting hot. so now it fine and just 4 days ago water started leaking from the driver side right next to the gas pedal..and now it .

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