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Photo Gallery

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A divided blast cupola
View of a BDC (divided blast cupola)
Demonstration plant at Howrah
Demonstration unit at Howrah
Medical check-up in progress at Howrah
Medical check-up at a foundry in Howrah
Metal tapping from DBC in South India
Tapping molten metal from a
DB -1
Pouring molten metal into a mould
Pouring molten metal into a mould
Tapping from a Divided bLast Cupola
Tapping molten metal from a DBC-2
The venturi-scrubber based pollution control system
Venturi scrubber based pollution control system
Artisans cooperative at Dokeli
Meeting of glass artisans' cooperative at Dokeli
Gas fired muffle furnaces in operation - Durga Glass
Natural gas fired pakai bhatties
Gasfired pot furnace in operation
Natural gas fired pot furnace demonstration unit
Making Glass Toys
A glass toy artisan at work
Molten glass being drawn out - pot furnace
Molten glass being drawn from pot furnace
Pot changing in progress
Pot changing in progress
Women performing glass operation
Women performing bangle finishing operations
Brick unloading at Varanasi VSBK
Unloaded bricks from a VSBK
Inagural Firing at Akhirajpur
Initiating firing in a VSBK
SHG awareness meeting in South India
Awareness meeting with women SHG
Tech dialogue with stakeholders
Dialoguing with members of BPVS
The VSBK at Varanasi
VSBK - Varanasi
TheVSBK at Pur Kalandhar
VSBK - Pour Kalandhar
VSBK at Akhirajpur
VSBK - Akhirajpur
VSBK at Malur
VSBK - Malur

Large cardamom plantation in Sikkim

Biomass gasifier for silk reeling

Traditional cottage basin oven

Gasifier based crematorium

Design review workshop for gasifier system

View of a producer gas burner for rubber drying

Gasifier based large scale community cooking system at Beas

Down-draft gasifier for rubber drying

Biomass gasifier for tobacco curing in Myanmar

Prototype biomass gasifier for silk reeling

Up-draft gasifier for magnesium chloride production

Gasifier for cooking in tribal hostel

Biomass gasifier for large cardamom drying

10 kWe biomass gasifier based generator-1

10 kWe biomass gasifier based generator-2

Gasifier based 50 kWe dual fuel power generator system at RETREAT-TERI

Gasifier based dual fuel power generator at Uttaranchal

Gasifier based mobile duell fuel power generator, Haryana-1

Gasifier based mobile duel fuel power generator, Haryana-2

Pedal operated blower for starting gasifier

A meeting with village community for installing gasifier based power generator