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Capacity Building in Thermal Gasifiers
Thermal Gasifier

Training of field staff of DoH in Sikkim using posters and

The BETA (Biomass Energy Technology Applications) group uses various means to disseminate information and spread awareness about biomass gasification for thermal and power applications. Workshops, seminars, and training programmes are organized for clearly defined groups, eg, energy auditors, consultants, NGOs, entrepreneurs, technical institutions, community-based organizations, and nodal agencies of the government.

Capacity building is treated as an integral part of technology dissemination; accordingly, those who install the gasifiers are trained in the operation and maintenance of the system by means of on-site hands-on sessions, specially prepared and customized user-friendly manuals, presentations, quizzes, and interactive sessions.

Recently, TERI has developed a training module on gasifier applications for thermal energy requirement in order to train gasifier manufacturers, their field level operators, technicians, and LSPs (Local Service Providers). A three-day training programme was organized at TERI’s Gual Pahari campus during 17-19 May 2006 in which representatives of gasfier manufacturers from Delhi, Haryana, Maharshtra, and Rajasthan participated.

Apart from giving extensive training through illustrative presentations, training programme was made more interactive through surprise quizzes on theory; hands-on practical demonstration-cum training for system operation-trouble shooting in the field; assignments on demand assessment, gasifier sizing, etc. This was followed bythe group discussions and the assessment bill of material costing, etc.

More detailed proceedings of the programme organized can be viewed on: http://www.teriin.org/events_inside.php_id_17448