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Technology Dissemination in Thermal Gasifiers
Thermal Gasifier
Growth in field installation of TERI gasifier systems in India

Work on development of gasifier system packages for thermal applications in SMiEs started under TERI-SDC partnership project in sericulture followed by work on development of gasifier for large cardamom drying in Sikkim.

Various gasifier thermal application packages developed by TERI under TERI-SDC partnership projects include:
More than 30 down draft gasifer along with improved SERI 2000 oven for silk reeling units in traditional sericulture states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh
More than 35 down draft gasifier system for silk yarn dyeing in Bangalore for replacing diesel fuel
More than 150 updraft gasifiers operating on natural draft mode for large cardamom drying in Sikkim
3 down draft gasifier systems for namkeen making and sweet (sohan halwa) making in Jaipur and Ajmer in Rajasthan
More than 10 down draft and one updraft gasifier systems for puffed rice making in Davangere and Hubli-Dharwad cluster in Karnataka
One updraft gasifier (with blower) for bamboo mat factory boiler and one updraft gasifier under natural draft operation for community cooking in Orissa

In addition to these, several other gasifier thermal applications were developed and installed in the field under various other projects.
Five down-draft and two updraft gasifiers for crum rubber drying in Kerala
Two up-draft gasifier for magnesium chloride manufacturing in Gujarat
Three down-draft gasifier for carbon dioxide production in Gujarat
One each down-draft gasifier for large scale community cooking in Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Arunachal Pradesh, and Orissa—three of these were installed in Karnataka
Several updraft gasifiers operating on natural draft mode for large cardamom drying were supplied and installed in Nagaland (25), Bhutan (4) and Nepal (1)
A updraft gasifier for community cooking and rice parboiling in Orissa
One down draft-gasifier based crematorium system for Maharashtra and Goa, respectively
One down draft-gasifier for tobacco curing in Myanmar
Three down draft-gasifier for plaster of paris making in Rajasthan
Two down draft-gasifier for copper smelting in Haryana
Two down draft-gasifier for lead melting in Karnataka
Three down draft-gasifier for bakeries in Karnataka
One up-draft gasifier operating under natural draft mode for green brick drying in Kerala

TERI has also signed agreement with several manufacturers in different part of the country for manufacture and promotion of gasifiers.
M/s Chanderpur Works, Yamuna Nagar, Haryana
M/s 2M Industries, Mumbai, Maharashtra
M/s Figu Engineering, Ranipool, Sikkim
M/s Paramount Enterprises, Cochin, Kerala
M/s Rolltech Enginerring, Bahadurgarh, Haryana
M/s Nav Jyot Eneterprises, Jaykaypuram, Rajasthan
M/s Silk-Tex Industries, Kanakpura

Location map of TERI gasifier manufacturers in India

Recently, TERI has also entered into an agreement with M/s Puritas , Colombo (Sri Lanka) for manufacturer and promotion of TERI gasifier systems in Sri Lanka, both for thermal as well as power applications.