Will Acura Mdx Fit 2 Infant Car Seats

Will Acura Mdx Fit 2 Infant Car Seats

For 2017 the Acura MDX is now available as a 6-seater as well (2 seats in the 2nd row, 2 seats in the 3rd row), or the usual 7-seater.. When a car seat is installed in 2C with the lower anchors, 2P will move just fine… but you won't have enough room to fit most other car seats in 2D.
I have the Britax Marathon and will use a Graco infant car seat once my baby is. .. we have 2 car seats in the second row and i dont think a third would fit in the .
I am going to be purchasing a new SUV soon for our 2 kids and one. Will actually fit three car seat in second row (but renders 3rd row. We had a rear facing infant gracco behind driver and forward facing in the middle seat .
We did bring a test drive home and fit 2 seats in (1 middle seat forward facing, 1 similar seat to what we will buy rear facing behind driver).

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